Bukkit Coding – (0) What is Bukkit and Spigot?

Spigot, is powerful third-party software for creating and managing a Minecraft server. Plugins for Spigot do things to create a better experience for the players, and help the servers’ owners and staff better manage their servers. Creating these plugins can be a daunting task, but the rewards can be great; whether you want to create plugins for your own server to make a unique experience for your players, or you want to be able to create plugins to help the Spigot community. Coding plugins is a very useful skill that few server owners attempt. In this tutorial, I have three goals in mind. My first goal is to teach the power of basic Spigot coding and to give the resources needed to create powerful plugins. My second goal has to do with what’s called Java. No, not coffee, although you’ll probably need lots of that, but the programming language Java. It is the language in which Spigot is written, as well as the plugins that are created with it. I want to try to teach Spigot plugin coding to those that have little, to no programming knowledge or computer background. Third, I want to give the remaining resources needed for you to continue Spigot programming on your own, and to experiment with the infinite possibilities of this great API. In the following tutorials, you will be given videos, links, and pictures to help you on the long journey ahead.

Now before we start, there are a few technical corrections I must make. This might get a bit confusing, and I’m not going to explain everything in detail. You may have heard of the terms “Spigot”, “Spigot API”, “Bukkit”, and “Craftbukkit”. But what are they? I would also like to explain a program that you may or may not heard of called BuildTools.

Craftbukkit – Craftbukkit is a modified version of Mojang’s server software for Minecraft. It implements the Bukkit API to allow the creation of plugins. Essentially, this is the actual software that runs on your computer. In 2014, Craftbukkit was discontinued due to a DCMA takedown request. Because of the DCMA takedown, the Craftbukkit jar file can no longer be downloaded, however, users may still compile and patch it themselves. You can read more about the DCMA HERE. Often times, Bukkit will be used when referring to Craftbukkit with the Bukkit API.

Bukkit – The Bukkit API is essentially what allowed programmers to create plugins for Craftbukkit. It was not taken down because it did not contain code by Mojang, therefore it did not go against the license it had.

Spigot – Like Craftbukkit, Spigot allows users to create Minecraft servers with the ability to install plugins. It implements the Bukkit API as well, so plugins that were created for Craftbukkit will work on Spigot. Spigot was created from the Craftbukkit code, so it was also taken down with a DCMA request.

Spigot API – The Spigot API is a continuation of the Bukkit API.

BuildTools – Because of the DCMA takedown, the Craftbukkit and Spiggot jars may not be distributed. BuildTools gets around this by allowing users to compile Craftbukkit and Spiggot themselves.

Pretty much all you need to know, is that the plugins you’ll be making are Bukkit plugins which will work on Spigot, or Craftbukkit.

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