Installing Mods – (1) Minecraft Forge

Want to start installing mods for Minecraft? This guide will walk you through all of the necessary steps to install all of your favorite mods. Our first step will be installing Minecraft Forge. Forge is a mod itself which allows you to load most other Minecraft mods. Most mods require it, and it helps to ensure that all of your mods are happy with each other. Once you install Minecraft Forge, installing more mods will be pretty easy.

Before we can even download Minecraft forge, you must decide what version of Minecraft you would like to install mods for. The general rule is to pick whichever version is compatible with your oldest mod. If you’re not sure which version of Minecraft your preferred mods support, you can search for your mod on Curse.

After determining which version of Minecraft you’re going to use, you’ll need to download the appropriate Forge installer for that version. You can find Forge’s download site HERE. On the left side, you’ll find several different versions of Minecraft that support Minecraft Forge. After clicking a link, follow one of the three options below depending on the option you’ve chosen.

Minecraft Version 1.5.2+ Using Forge Installer (show/hide)

Begin by downloading the installer file for the recommended version of Minecraft Forge. If your selected version doesn’t have a recommended version, you can download the latest version.

After the installer finishes downloading, you can run it by double clicking on it. This will bring up the installation window where you may install Minecraft Forge. In the window that pops up, ensure that you have install client selected, and that the directory below is pointed to your .minecraft folder (it should be by default), and click the Ok button.

After clicking Ok, Minecraft Forge should install. A window will appear when the install has finished.

Minecraft Version 1.3.2+ Using Multi-MC (show/hide)

Installing Minecraft Forge for older versions of Minecraft can be a little bit more involved with the newer Minecraft launcher. To make life a little bit easier, we will be using a 3rd party launcher called Multi-MC. This program makes it much easier to install Forge since there is no installer for older versions of Forge.

Multi-MC can be downloaded from their official website HERE. You’ll notice that there are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux so choose whichever operating system you have to download Multi-MC. For Windows, the download link should download a zip file. After it finishes downloading, extract it by right clicking on it, and selecting Extract All. I’d recommend moving the extracted folder somewhere on your computer where it won’t get moved to deleted. I put mine on my desktop. Once you’ve moved the folder to a safe location, you may run the Multi-MC program inside of the folder. The first time you run it, you’ll be guided through a simple setup wizard. It’s really easy to set up, so I won’t be going through that here. Once Multi-MC is fully set up, you can begin creating a new instance. To do so, press the button as shown below.

You may give it any name you want, and choose whatever version of Minecraft you want. I will be installing version 1.5.1 and naming it 1.5.1 Forge. To choose which version of Minecraft you will be installing, make sure that Vanilla Minecraft is selected, and click the button with the three dots. It will open up a list of versions you can choose from. After filling everything out, press Ok to create your new instance.

Next, we can install Forge to our new instance. To do so, begin by right clicking on your new instance, and selecting Edit Instance. On the right side of the window that appears, click Install Forge. This will open a window where you may choose which version of Forge you’d like to install. In most cases, you can just use the default selected version and press Ok.

After clicking Ok, you can launch your new instance by clicking on the Launch button, but in the future, whenever you’d like to run Minecraft with Minecraft Forge, you must launch Multi-MC and double click on your new instance to run it.

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